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Patriot Lacrosse Boys Spring '16 Registration Policies

Open: U8, U10, U11, U12, and U13

Waitlist: U9

Closed: U7 and U15

Patriot Lacrosse is opening registration to form teams for the Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association (CYLA) spring season.  CYLA will form divisions of play based on the following age groupings: U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U15.  The following skill levels will divide each age grouping:  Red for advanced players, White for intermediate players, and Blue for beginning players.  If any single division has a large number of teams, the division will be further divided such as U11 Upper White and U11 Lower White or U15 Red Gold, U15 Red Silver, U15 Red Bronze, etc. 

*NEW THIS YEAR: U7 thru U9 will play Short-sided games in a 7v7 format.  Instead of playing on a regulation sized lacrosse field, they will play side to side on a regulation sized field with a width determined by the restraining box and end line.  CYLA is developing modified rules for this format.


Rules of Play:

CYLA’s rules for play are primarily based on the 2016 US Lacrosse Rules for Boys Youth Lacrosse can be found "here".

2016 Age Grouping Quick Reference Table

Applicable for Play Between June 1, 2015 – May 31, 2016

Date of Birth

Age Bracket

US Lacrosse Youth Rules to Follow

Born 6/1/2000 through 5/31/2001


U15 Rules

Born 6/1/2001 through 5/31/2002


Born 6/1/2002 through 5/31/2003


U13 Rules

Born 6/1/2003 through 5/31/2004


Born 6/1/2004 through 5/31/2005


U11 Rules

Born 6/1/2005 through 5/31/2006


Born 6/1/2006 through 5/31/2007


U9 Rules

Born 6/1/2007 or later

U8, etc.

Additional CYLA House Rules can be found by clicking "here".


Formation of Teams:

The Patriot Lacrosse Club mission is to teach youth athletes the life lessons of skills development, teamwork, safe play, and sportsmanship in both a recreational/developmental environment and a competitive environment that prepares these young athletes for high school level competition.  With that said, Patriot Lacrosse strives to form a competitive (Red/White) team and a beginner (Blue) team in each division.  Due to the size of the Patriot Lacrosse Club membership, it is impossible to form 2 teams (competitive and beginner) in each of the CYLA age division.  Therefore, Patriot Lacrosse will register teams in the following divisions: U7/U9, U11, U13, U15. 


Competitive Teams: 

Tryouts for the competitive team in each division will be held at the beginning of February.  The level of play for these teams will be determined after tryouts are completed and based on the evaluation results.  Make up days will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Only the top 18 players will make the team.


EVEN aged Teams:

Patriot Lacrosse will evaluate each division to see if U8, U10 and U12 teams can be formed.  If EVEN aged teams are formed, the level of play will be determined by the Head Coach by the CYLA team/level registration deadline.  If EVEN aged teams cannot be formed, divisions will be evaluated to see if skills evaluation is needed in a division to form multiple teams.  One team in each Odd aged division will be designated as BLUE.  The third team will be designated after the skills evaluation is performed.


Wait Listing:

Following CYLA/US Lacrosse recommendations, Patriot Lacrosse team sizes will be capped at 25.  Competitive teams will be capped at 18.  When the registration numbers in a division hit 43 players, all additional players will be “wait-listed” until a minimum of 13 players are registered.  Wait-listed players not added to a team will be given a refund on their registration fee.  If possible, Patriot Lacrosse will coordinate with the Ranger Lacrosse Club to combine wait-listed players into a combined club team. 


Team/Level Expectations: 

Team/level expectations of play can be found on the Patriot Lacrosse website under the Club Policies tab on the left side of the home page, click "here" to view it now.

NOTE1: All athletes must have a valid US Lacrosse membership.

NOTE2: Age Verification is MANDATORY.

NOTE3: Uniforms are required at an additional cost.

NOTE4: Registration is not complete unless a payment is made.

NOTE5: Patriot Lacrosse Club reserves the right, in its sole discretion, and with or without notice, to limit or terminate the rights and/or membership of members who are not an asset to the organization or in good standing with Patriot Lacrosse Club, CYLA, CGLA, and the US Lacrosse Code of Conduct.


US Lacrosse Membership:

All players are required to have a US Lacrosse membership that is active through the end of the season.  US Lacrosse membership provides Patriot Lacrosse Club with liability insurance and individual players Excess Accident Medical coverage.  Registrants can join and check the status of their US Lacrosse membership by clicking "here".


Age Verification:

As part of the CYLA's commitment to player safety, we are proud to announce our partnership with US Lacrosse and NCSI (National Center for Safety Initiatives) on a pilot process for age verification. 

Entering our fourth year of required player proof-of-age documentation for our players, CYLA lacrosse programs will utilize a new, highly secure, and technologically advanced online system to verify youth player ages for the 2016 season.   NCSI also provides a similar system, which is used by many CYLA programs, to obtain annual background checks for their coaches. 

Parents of players new to CYLA will submit proof-of-age documents directly to NCSI through a secure online process, rather than providing unsecured paper documents to program administrators.  NCSI will verify the documents and will confirm individual player eligibility prior to the start of the 2016 CYLA season.  

All players who did not play for CYLA (Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association) in spring 2015 must complete the league-mandated age verification process.  Follow these steps:

1) Have the player's US Lacrosse number handy and prepare a scanned electronic copy of player's official proof of birth (birth certificate, current passport, or other government-issued document).

2) Click here to begin the process:  

3) Click on "Start Your Athlete Age Verification"

4) Enter this registration number: 15648790

5) Follow all steps to upload the official proof of birth and enter the player's information




A complete spring uniform is required to participate with Patriot Lacrosse. A complete uniform consists of a reversible game jersey, game shorts, and a practice pinnie.  We will be using the same uniforms that we did in the Spring 2015 season.

We will NOT be handing uniforms out during the parents meeting, instead we will schedule a time at a later date.

Uniform costs are:

Jersey:       $55

Shorts:       $45

Pinnie:        $20 

Note: We have a limited number of uniforms in each size, once you register you will get a confirmation email that the uniform size required is still avaialble.

Note: Patriot Lacrosse reserves the right to change the unform for future seasons.

Registration Fees:

U7-U9: $165     U10-U15: $225 

Registration fee includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    Registration in the 2016 CYLA Spring season - 9 game season including the Champions Weekend Tournament

    Coaches: All coaches are required to have a current US Lacrosse membership, an annual background check, and must complete concussion training.  Coaches are also encouraged to complete US Lacrosse coaching training.

    Fields: games and practices

    Team equipment: goals, balls, goalie gear, field supplies, etc.

    Patriot Lacrosse helmet decal and car decal

NOTE: The only way to pay for registration & uniforms is via PayPal.


Parent Information Night: 

Patriot Parent Information night date and time will be communicated out as soon as we get it finalized.  We will not be handing uniforms out during this meeting.


Rental Equipment: 

Patriot Lacrosse has a limited number of rental gear sets. Rental Gear is intended for players that are new to the game of lacrosse; however, gear will be checked out on a "First Come, First Served" basis. There is no guarantee there will be enough equipment for everyone who requests it. Please see the "Equipment Rental" tab on the Patriot Lacrosse website home page for more information.


Donate Used Lax Gear:

Patriot Lacrosse will be accepting any used lacrosse gear to help families in need that may not be able to afford new gear.  Please bring any used gear you would like to get rid of to the pre-season Patriot Parent Information night.


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