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Coaches keep your players skills sharp over Spring Break

Be a part of a 7v7 tournament held at the United States Air Force Academy March 31, 2018

Teams will be divided into u11, u13 & u15 age groups (unless there is enough registrations for more divisions)

Recommended team size of 10 players. (Minimum 8, maximum 12)

Registration by March 16th:

Teams are guaranteed 4 games for a fun day of lacrosse!



All players and coaches must have current USlacrosse membership – please attach your roster

(spreadsheet link here) to  Google form here

The advantages to playing 7-on-7:

  • Two games may be played on one field simultaneously.
  • Most importantly, with smaller teams, the athletes will get many more touches and opportunities to hone their skills. 
  • A shorter field and continuous play keep the game fast paced and exciting.


  • There will be only 2 face-offs, one to start the game and the second after halftime. Wing middies must be positioned to the left of their face-off man. Defense and attack must remain behind the goal line extended until the referees’ signal possession. The goalie must remain in the crease area until possession is signaled.
  • Onside rules are in effect – minimum 2 players on offense and 3 on defense at all times.
  • Maximum of 3 long sticks on the field at a time (depending on age group)
  • All substitutions are on the fly. There is no switching entire units after a goal due to quick re-start possibility.
  • No body checking. Outworking someone is better than a body check.
  • Penalties will result in man down situation. Teams must have 2 defensemen and 2 attackmen during penalties.
  • After a goal is scored, the goalie will clear the ball to midfield. When the ball is at midfield the referee will blow the whistle to re-start play. This can be a quick re-start if teams are organized and ready.
  • Games will consist of two 20 minute halves with a 3-minute halftime, running time. Stop time will be played in the last 2 minutes of the second half, only if the score differential is 3 goals or less.
  • Tie games will be decided by a sudden death overtime of 2-minute periods (no stop at half, just switch sides), which begins immediately after regulation time with a face-off, until a winner is decided.
  • Players must wear all equipment required for 10 v 10 game. Equipment allowed for game is consistent with Spring rules per age group


Field dimension:


Please contact Patriot lacrosse with any questions on how to register or other relevant questions

In case of weather cancellation, teams will be awarded a full refund

There is an alternate tournament day of 3/30. Teams registered by the deadline will be notified prior to event if a date change is deemed necessary.

Team Registration: Click here for team registration

Patriot Lacrosse Players Registration: Click here for player registration